August 17th, 2015


Говорят, 10 лет терпеть придется...

Из июньского номера Scientific American:

"The limbic system, that drives emotions, intensifies at puberty, but the prefrontal cortex, which controls impulses, does not mature until the 20s. ... Earlier onset of puberty in children worldwide is expanding the years during which the mismatch occurs. ... If young teens are emotionally propelled by the limbic system, yet prefrontal control is not as good as it is going to get until, say, age 25, that leaves a decade of time during which imbalances between emotional and contemplative thinking can reign."

Аааа, декаду терпеть, держите меня семеро! Тут 12 лет деточке, а уже счастья через край. Сижу, привожу себя в чувство сладким пирогом с чаем.