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Детское творчество

Ребеночек приволок из школы тетрадку, в которую они записывают всякие письменные работы. Села почитать, а там всё такое смешное и интересное! Пока дитя спит, воспользуюсь этим и перепишу несколько историй, уж больно понравились.

It was raining candy.I ran to my house to get a bag. Then I started to pick up the candy. One hit my head. Bonk! Ouch! So I went home and got a helmet. Then I started to go outside to pick up candy, but I noticed that it stopped raining. And I said, "I don't care, I'm going inside to eat my candy." But then it started raining dragons. (Нарисована голова дракона)

If I was a President I would hate my life because I would have to fill out a lot of paper work! Also there would be a chance of getting shot! Also I would have to solve all the problems for the country. But one good thing is I would be rich.

My favorite board game

My favorite board game is chess. I'm really good at it. I can beat my mom and dad combined easily. I go to a chess club and I am one of the best there. Did you know that chess is a sport? My best friend is good at chess too.

Another game I like

When one of my friends comes over we spy on my mom.

I want to be an Olympian! I want to get a first place! I want to be a coach. Also I heard that if you get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place you will get a lot of money! I wanna be rich! And I'll have a wife, and I want her to be a doctor...but I'll give her a decision. I also want a pool and a big house. I will try my best to have a good future. Also I want to live in Virginia!
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