kapturka (kapturka) wrote,

Детское творчество - 2

NASA sent me to Cowatopia. Peaceful cows rule this world. But then the evil zebras casted a spell on the cows, the cows began to act evil. 10 days later they kidnapped president Obama. So, NASA sent me to get him back to Earth safely. So now I'm flying on a spaceship to Cowatopia. I can see the planet already. So I get prepared. I pick up some armor and a small handgun. In 2 hours I arrived. I started fighting through the city. And then I saved president Obama. But then someone shot a net over me. I saved Obama, but the cows put me in prison. The end

After school I go on my school bus or get picked up by my mom. Then I go home and eat a snack. Then I do my homework. When I'm finished I tell my mom how wonderful she is. Then I watch TV or play Minecraft. Finally, we get into the car and we go to gymnastics. While we're riding to gymnastics I read a book. I have an awsome day!

My mom, because she's nice, calm, funny and hardworking. (Я прямо вся расчувствовалась :))
Tags: Кирюша, Рассуждалки

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